Educated beyond his intelligence !


  On 9-23-02 at St. Eulalia零  Church in Winchester, the Maid attended her first

VOTF Meeting.  Guest Lecturer was Fr. James O道onohoe.  Fr. O道onohoe is a

Priest of the Archdiocese of Boston.  He received his doctorate in Canon Law

From the Univ. of Louvain (Belgium).  Fr. O道onohoe taught  Church Law and

Moral Theology at St. John零 Seminary and was Assoc. Prof of Theological

Ethics  at Boston College.  He is on the Ethics Committees at St. Elizabeth零

Medical Center, Carney Hospital, Youville Lifecare and Wincherster Hospital.

Fr. O道onohoe is a judge on the Metropolitan Tribunal of Boston, member of

The Canonical Affairs Committee of the Archdiocese of Boston, consultant to

The Mass. Catholic Conference, and visiting lecturer on Justice and Rights at

St. John零 Seminary.

  Now keep all that in mind as I tell you about the night零  meeting.

The first name Fr. O道鉅  throws  out is Avery Dulles, Cardinal, Ah, one would

Think we were going  down the right road ; Nature and Faith; Revalation, Faith, & Theology 

(Doctrine & religion)  Almost immediately Fr. O道鉅 would get off the right

road onto his own broked down track.  The next statement he made was his own  

蛆f there is no conflict then there is No Church.  As the lecture continued I soon

realized that Fr. O道鉅  was the King of 袒agtime talk.   Everything  he said

hereafter was  nearly impossible to follow:

Community:  Interpersonal; Must have a relationsh ip  to  the church.  Church

not helping us to grow want s to keep us like children, by diminishing the

individuals growth.  Next he quotes German Cardinal Kasper.  Mumbles a lot to

himself, that零 why the church doesn靖 want  you to take Communion in the

hand, wants to keep you like babies, feeding  you  pablum  by mouth, not by

eating finger food.

Relationsh ip  with Trinity: (hold onto  your hats)

The word person is misleading, not unifying but diversiying:  The Trinity is a

paradyme  of all human relationships; diversity, equality, etc. 

The  Father is notThe son and

the Son is not the Spirit; he is just one being only.  Justice defends

our uniquness.  The Triune God is passive  of all humans.   God is of us too-

through unity only after death.  If it is good we are not good.   If it s good it零

not faithful.The difference between you and us and the Trinity is they don靖

take their money and go home.

  On  Revalation:  He doesn靖  like spirituality.  It will never be a finalized theology.

The church cannot be defined: Many disadvantages.                                                

  On Religion:  Religion is not the faith but little recipes put into people.  Don靖

confuse your theology with your faith, etc.  Religion as an instituted form of

theology needs updating.  Reinstutionalizationtotal fidelity to the faith

commitment:  ( He digresses  at this point to tell  VOTFer零 )  I totally  admire

what you people are doing.  Don靖 let other s try to short circuit you /Wait/  We

want dialogue.  We don靖 like dialogue that threatens.  It零 a process to gain

people零  trust and only you ca n  do it.    Don靖 worry about the Bishops and

The Cardinal, right now they are saying Nothing.   Move along as you have been.

  But  be prudent.  If you come to a Posia, solve the problem.  Love the guys who

won靖 listen to you.  Love the depressed.  Not evident in practice but let God love

us.   Supposedly in practice Jesus is Divine.  We have other models.


  At this point one Brave Hearted Man who could no longer contain all  Fr.零

Gobbeldy-Gook shouted out, 蚶r. Is JESUS HERE ?  Is JESUS PRESENT?

                                             NO shouts back Fr. O道鉅.

袍han where is he, Father ,  says Brave Heart!   Fr. O道鉅, 蚵E is only here

in Theory.


  Next Brave Heart Woman trys  to explain the Trinity and Jesus零 real presence.

she gets ridiculed by calling her down to the front of the church to hold the

microphone and explain her theory.   She is shouted down by a few VOTFer零

saying we can靖 hear you and we won靖 understand you!  (So much for their love

and charity)  Brave Heart woman  goes back to her seat.  Fr. O道鉅 states he零

glad he could help her to understand and to see how important this dialoging is.

Brave Heart woman springs to her feet and said , 訝ou didn靖 help me under-

stand anything!  I know what I know because I knew who my teachers were.

You ,Fr. Are only sewing  CONFUSION !    With this comment  a lot of talking

commenced in the church  three or more people walked  out.  You could see

Many people were visably  upset.   Fr. O道鉅 than makes the statement , 袞h

Well,  what do I know I雋 only a Jack-Ass from out of town.

No, Fr. O道鉅 , you could never be that Humble!


Are you ready for more??


  Religious Expression or Doctrine:  Faith is waiting for the  community of the

Lord.  Faith is a success if it only co-ops on the  intellictual level.  States, Gary

Willis wrote a good book about the sinful church.  The church can be manipiu-

lated.  Just like some groups wanting to manipulate us.  Gives  example;

there are very  few bad people, but the church is in the world.   Anyone who

was taught by learning the Baltimore Catachism  knows  more  religion than

God.  They  reject anything of  church  teaching that is taught to them by a

different perspective  once they are educated in this manner.   These people are

In need of continuing  education, because living with  ambiguity is most diffic-

ult .   They  are  even  afraid of another form of government.   They are weary

of what and who could short circuit them.  You must watch  what零   going on.

say out loud, why aren靖 people  coming to church?    ( Makes  mention  here

about  the Wit and Wisdom of Walter of Newton,  who is  doing a  great job of

trying to educate his parishioners.  Other s  could take a  lesson.)

Tell the people we are all under sin.  Original sin screwed   us up from our

origins.  Keep telling them church  as servant.  There consciences are  very

poorly trained in theology, etc.   Jose-Robar , professor, states    Baptism is

not the beginning,  conversion is the beginning---seems more useless than the

Cardinal.   Let me witness to the community, at the present moment, the church

is not  necessarily the kingdom of God.  It零 kind of  lost!   We are social

beings  learning how to make the existing conflictscomfort. 

 No  charity  without Justice;    This is very heavy stuff.

                                                                  END OF LECTURE!


A little more back ground on Fr. O道onohoe---

He taught from l954 to l979, Moral Theology to  students from  elementary to

the college level.   Upon enlightening one of his former cadetsthis poor  young

man would make the  remark  to Fr. , 蛄osh , I didn靖 know that,  but what

do us raggardy  ass  cadets know  any way.  With great delight  did  Fr. take

in bending that  young mans mind.  Another  student gave Fr. The nick name of

Fr. O道鉅.

   I shall always remember  Fr. O道onohoe, with charity.


P.S.  Fr. O道鉅 now is retired and lives at Youville Place in Lexington, Ma.  He

Celebrates mass for the Grey Nuns and residents  there .  

My question to you Fr. O道onahoe, If  Jesus is only present in theory, then

What do you  consecrate  every day  at  Mass,  and what do you pass  out

 at  communion  time?   THEORY-O- BREAD???

Dear Fr. O道onohoe,

蛆f you don靖 believe in the Eucharist, than what is the point of your Priesthood.  




Date:                   Sat Oct 12 17:35:48 2002

To:       <>

Subject:            Father O'Donohue


  I just read the piece on the Faithful Voice site and wanted to add that I took a class on Catholic Morality with Father O'Donohue several years ago through the Archdiocese AIM program (Archdiocesan Institute for Ministry). At the outset I knew it would be a very bumpy ride when he came right out and told us it was our duty as Catholics to dissent from Church teaching. Most of the class focused on the word "conscience" and I hoped to get a better understanding of the Church's definition of conscience. What I got was totally confused, but this confusion did lead me to the catechism and the writings of the church fathers, where I finally got the truth about conscience and morality.

  I enjoyed sitting in the front row in the class and raising my hand to question just about everything Father said. I particularly enjoyed throwing in comments regarding particular Catholic devotions such as praying the rosary and the Sabbtine privilege connected to the Brown Scapular - this would make Father's blood boil and he would just tell me I was ridiculous ! One person who truly angered him was Mother Angelica - he had no use for her or her network.

His hero was Charles Curran. 

  Our final assignment to earn credit for the class was to write 5 things we had learned in his class. I had a lot of fun with this because it gave me a chance to defend the importance of obedience to Church teaching . Honestly, I was very surprised when Father gave me a passing grade because everything I wrote went against what he lectured in class.


Pax et Bonum,


This link will take you to Fr. Walter Cuenin

Some Questions  re : The Paul Shanley Case ???

The Question is : Who knew what when ?

Who called John White to participate in this 1999 event ?

How is it that when all of law enforcement could not find Fr. John White and Fr. Paul Shanley , those  listed below seem to have a direct line to them ?

Catholic Charities "Companions" program Alice Slattery 11 APR 03

And to think that Dr. Doolin claims that Catholic Charities is in line with the Church teaching !

Fr. Richard Lewandowski one of the planners of the Catholic Charities "Companions"

The other planners and participants :

Fr. Phillip Earley, St Thomas ,Wilmington,MA.  Member Board of Catholic Charities

Paul Merullo ,Pastoral Asst  St Thomas, Wilmington ,MA.  [ later convicted of sexual assault against a Woburn teen and served 2 1/2 years sentence),

Fr. John J. White (co-owner of homosexual bed and breakfast, in CA. , with Fr. Paul Shanley ),

Fr. Walter Cuenin, OLHC ,Newton , MA.

Fr. Robert Congdon  , instructor at St. John Seminary ,Boston, MA.

Charles Connors  pres. of Boston PFLAG in 1999),

Pat Dunn (Catholic Charities Social Worker)

Vivian Soper (Catholic Charities Social Worker) and

Jean Proia ,leader of Catholic Parents Network/New Ways Ministry at Immaculate Conception parish, Stoughton, MA.(Fr. John J. White often helped her in her "ministry").