The Big Day CRISIS Magazine  8 September  03

Deal Hudson is on his  way to the meeting with the bishops.

FaithfulVoice is humbled to be among the invited.


Dear Friend,


Todayıs the big day. I'm on my way to the meeting with the bishops

that Iıve been telling you about, and in just a few minutes weıll

begin discussing some of those issues and points you sent in. (And

thank you for your wonderful feedback.)


I obviously canıt write long, but I did promise to give you the

finalized list of attendees before heading to the meeting. Itıs only

just now been confirmed, so here are the names, in no particular



Bishop Wilton Gregory, President of the USCCB

Theodore Cardinal McCarrick of Washington, D.C.

Bishop William Friend of Shreveport, LA

Msgr. William Fay, USCCB General Secretary

Msgr. Francis Maniscalco, USCCB Communications Director

Kathleen McChesney, director of the USCCBıs Office of Child and Youth Protection

Raymond Arroyo, EWTN News Director

Pat Cipollone, Kirkland & Ellis partner

William Donohue, President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

Greg Erlandson, Publisher of Our Sunday Visitor

Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Professor of History at Emory University

Dr. Robert George, Professor of Politics at Princeton University

Frank Hanna, III, CEO of HBR Capital, Ltd.

Barbara Henkels, Board Member of the Catholic Leadership Conference

Paul Henkels, CEO of Henkels & McCoy, Inc.

Tom Hoopes, Executive Editor of National Catholic Register

Mother Assumpta Long, Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

Peggy Noonan, commentator and columnist for the Wall Street Journal

Robert Novak, commentator with CNN

Kate OıBeirne, Senior Editor of National Review

Fr. David OıConnell, President of the Catholic University of America

Timothy OıDonnell, President of Christendom College

Russell Shaw, co-host of the meeting, writer and editor

Gene Zurlo, President of the Catholic Radio Association

Denis Coleman, Ambassador for the American Consulate in Bermuda

Bernard Dobranski, Dean of Ave Maria School of Law

Jeffrey Wallin, President of the American Academy for Liberal Education

William Plunkett, Jr., Plunkett & Jaffe partner

Leon Suprenant, President of Catholics United for the Faith

Sister Joseph Andrew, Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

Patrick Madrid, Publisher of Envoy Magazine

Father Richard Gill, L.C., Director of Our Lady of Bethesda Retreat Center

Gregory Popcak, Director of the Pastoral Solutions Institute

Dr. Thomas Dillon, President of Thomas Aquinas College

Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, Office of Lt. Governor for the state of Maryland

Fr. Terence Henry, President of Franciscan University

Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

Carol McKinley, Faithful Voice

Rep. Michael Ferguson, U.S. House of Congress

Mark Ryland, Vice-President of the Discovery Institute

Kathryn Jean Lopez, Associate Editor of National Review

John Klink, former Diplomat of the Holy See to the UN

Leon Podles, Senior Editor of Touchstone Magazine

Cortes DeRussy, former President of Federated Capital Corporation

Brian Saint-Paul, Editor of CRISIS Magazine


As you can see, weıve got a great and diverse group of people

attending. I'm sure the day will be productive.


I have to run, but I hope you'll keep us in your prayers today, the

feast of Maryıs nativity. May she pray for all of us in these

difficult times.


Thanks again for all your support. Iıll write in a couple days with

a run-down of the events of the meeting.


Talk to you soon,


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