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because some have committed spiritual homicide

   we should not commit spiritual suicide   Francis De Sales   1621


Keep close to the Catholic Church at all times, for the Church alone can give you true peace,

since She alone possesses Jesus, the true Prince of Peace, in the Blessed Sacrament.   

-               St. Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio)


The purpose of this site is to expose the underpinnings of VOTF.

Agenda Information about Voice of the Faithful - VOTF

Please print out . Take it to your pastor . Help him say no to VOTF.

Your pastor needs your help ! Show it to your friends who join Voice of the Faithful.

Their souls are worth your efforts.



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Victims of abuse recall meeting with Pope Benedict XVI

 About two weeks before the papal visit, Horne and McDaid were invited to meet the pope privately with other survivors in Washington, D.C., at the residence of Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the Vatican's diplomat to the U.S.


Father William Clark came to Saco Maine to complain about the authority of Church officials

VOTF Saco Maine   dwindles to 50 members   17 FEB 06

Voice of the Faithful of Maine pushing for another Martin Luther and has no problem with married or women priests and says the church needs to be more inclusive. The community is more important than the operational structure of the church.



And still another new version of VOTFıs agenda 3rd goal.

Shape structural change in church practices, laity will elect bishops.

Voice of the Faithful Wilton Bulletin Feb 9, 2006

Voice of the Faithful in the Diocese of Bridgeport has fewer than 50 members CT.



VOTF assesses strengths, flaws

The  WOW generation

99.9 % W hite

99.9 %  O ld

99.9 % W ell to do

All reflect the failed revolution of the *60s .



Why is VOTF National being so low key in Walter's case?

Glory Days are Gone  VOTF meeting at St. Eulalia in Winchester. 4 OCT 05

VOTF - OLHC Newton said that they would coordinate all efforts , marches,

petitions ,and protests to reinstate Walter as if it was a grass roots effort

by the humble parish folk of OLHC - Newton.



We will be sending  someone to Winchester to report on this meeting.

Voice of the Faithful welcomes guest speaker

On Monday, October 3, at 7:30 p.m., the Winchester Area Voice of the Faithful welcomes Ray Joyce as a guest speaker to its regular weekly meeting at St. Eulalia's Church, 50 Ridge Street, Winchester. Admission is free, and all are welcome to attend.


Voice of the Faithful is still trying to * clarify * how they will * change the structure of The Church

*Faithful Voices*   David DeWitt DVD now available

The production also *clarifies VOTFıs mission and purpose*, Schoettinger explained, which is:

1.    Support the survivors of clergy sexual abuse.

2.    Support priests of integrity and

       3. Shape structural change within the church.



Banned , yet , again by Bishop Coleman.

Voice of the Faithful Fall River

VOTF changes wording of *Structural change* again.



Voice of the Faithful 's primary mission is to change the structure of the Catholic Church.

Parkway Voice of the Faithful comes to a cross roads   reprinted from Town online

Half of those in attendance were already actively involved in OTHER PARISHES in some capacity, some members expressed concern that many in the church and laity alike view Voice of the Faithful as a radical group divorced from the mainstream church.



Richard White biding his time as interim director of Voice of the Faithful

VOTF  has run its course.

Money is gone , so is its leadership.



VOTO is not simply "standing around, waiting for the Holy Spirit to straighten things out.

The structure of VOTO is still being worked out among the three dioceses of Rockville Centre. At the present time, there are 194 members of VOTO: 131 active priests, 63 resigned priests, most of whom are married.


Fire all Bishops. Start  American Church.

VOTF holds Mass in response to church closings  The Pilot 23 AUG 04  Christine Tolfree

From the Kyrie to the remarks before the final prayer, the celebrants, too,  took occasion of the Mass to criticize the bishops and the archdioceseıs parish  reconfiguration program.

The Archdiocese of Boston has confused the mission of the Church with the  money of the Church, Father Bowers said in his homily. The statement evoked  a round of applause from the crowd.

Father Bowers went on to criticize bishops who cite lack of priests, church  buildings in need of repairs and low attendance as reasons for closing parishes.


The Most Reverend Robert F. Vasa Bishop of Baker

GIVING TESTIMONY TO THE TRUTH Pastoral Letter for Diocesan Lay Ministers , Bend , Oregon

I have a responsibility before God to be a Shepherd and a Teacher. I particularly have this responsibility with regard to those identified as our Lordıs  little ones. A shepherd who does not check to see who is minding the flock is not imitating Christ, the Good Shepherd.


Liberal Catholics are church enemies 6/24/04 THOMAS E. DENNELLY

Pope Pius IX was clearly on target in criticizing those who were liberal and Catholic more than 150 years ago. Sadly, the same criticism continues to exist. The one major difference today is that liberal Catholics are in the vanguard of leadership in the current public criticism of their own religious faith.


Structural change : Goal 3 becomes more clear

Post also said he regretted the *politicization of the Eucharist*

VOTF says bishops divisive on gay marriage

The president of Voice of the Faithful criticized the active role bishops have played in opposing same-sex marriage.


An Open Letter to a Leader of VOTF

Trouble is coming Father Robert J. Carr

You do realize our goal has not been to bring down VOTF, nor has it been to protect anyone in the Church engaged in sinful behavior. Our goal has been to wake people up, troubleıs coming.


Priests forum struggles to redefine itself after scandal

A  division in the Boston Archdiocese that made it difficult for the forum to move ahead.

By Jay Lindsay, Associated Press Writer, 1/24/2004


The Michigan chapter of Call to Action reported in its Summer 2003 newsletter that itıs now sharing meetings with the VOTF chapter in that region.

An Inside Look at Voice of the Faithful  By Danny DeBruin  8Jan 04

Why did VOTF invite a liberation theologian to address and instruct its members? ŠThe leadership of VOTF denies that itıs an ideological group and goes to great lengths to avoid the label ³liberal.²


Membership in VOTF National : 30,000 plus is the inflated claim

Voice of the Faithful first national election Election Committee VOTF National

Only 3% registered to vote.


Winchester Area VOTF is going broke.


A  review of VOTF Winchesterıs financial status as of 10/31/03

Winchester Area VOTF says ³ Cash, of course, is always an option ³


The next phase of Structural Change.

VOTF Boston Council

The new VOTF Boston "Council" will channel the energy of local affiliates, providing leadership focus on issues specific to this Archdiocese. The Boston Council will support lay participation in decisions affecting the future of our Church. At the same time, it will facilitate greater communication and internal organization within the five regions of the Archdiocese.


Only 8 attend VOTF meeting at St Michael ,N. Andover, MA

VOTF calls on another anti-Catholic priest for advice.

A film on Father Richard McBrien speaking at a meeting of the VOTF Portland, Maine


VOTF  and The Boston Priestsı Forum  export their  ''subculture of infidelity.'' to Long Island

89 % refuse to join coup on Long Island

An important issue for discussion will be the recognition of Voice of the FaithfulŠ



VOTF not allowed to meet on Church property  in Phoenix , AZ & Santa Fe NM

Archbishop Michael Sheehan says that Voice of the Faithful does not represent Church teaching


VOTF and its anti-Catholic/Modernist agenda , exposed.

VOTF Sneaking back into Keene NH ?

"Catholic Faith Formation Center " is an instrument for promoting dissent.


The anti-Catholic agenda of VOTF clarified . Oswald Sobrino ,Editor, Catholic Analysis 23 NOV 03

Voice of the Faithful Feverishly Proclaims That Catholic Hierarchy is Evil

The false prophets are active within the boundaries of the Church. Indeed, the smoke of Satan is still, unfortunately, with us.


VOTF [ Boston ] and its anti-Catholic agenda transparent , again!

The Archbishop And The Dissenters CRISIS Magazine ­21 Nov 03

Father Coyne said his comments were completely misrepresented.


What Faith Are They Trying to Keep?

Critique of "Voice of the Faithful"

Priests in the Diocese of Fall River recently sent out a pastoral letter to parishioners,

to clarify the nature of Voice of the Faithful


The anti ­ Catholic agenda of VOTF is banned in Atlanta.

Bishop Donoghue of Atlanta comments by Carol McKinley

³I will not permit you to meet on the property of the Archdiocese of Atlanta.²

³It is customary for an initiative from within the Church, which seeks recognition of the local ordinary, to approach that ordinary in advance of organizational efforts.²


Bishop stonewall s Voice of the Faithful CURT BROWN, Standard-Times

Dissident Voice of the Faithful and their anti-Catholic agenda opposed , yet again.


Bishop Coleman of Fall River MA. firmly closes the door on VOTF Œs agenda of loyal dissent.

Voice of the Faithful speaks on Cape Cod  By Brad Lynch

"It is better to ask for forgiveness than permission."  VOTF members said they asked 23 priests to join the meeting and were turned down before hiring dissident theologian Fr. Edward Vacek, S.J.


VOTF wants to foist divisive, heterodox opinions Editor Faithful Voice

The remedy? Speak out! Agitate! Do not let evil pass unchallenged. Do not

allow perversity to pass as doctrine.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS: By M Dempsey The Patriot Ledger 21 Oct 03

VOTFıs existence is predicated upon a view of ecclesiastical authority and lay-episcopal relations that rubs against the grain of Catholic doctrine and tradition


Another 3rd goal emerges : ³support cultural change within the church.

Voice of the Faithful protests bishop's ban The Standard Times 14 Oct 03

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Fall River has clamped down on VOTF on Cape Cod and the rest of Southeastern Massachusetts.


Catholic Charities "Companions" program Alice Slattery 11 APR 03

And to think that Dr. Doolin claims that Catholic Charities is in line with the Church teaching !

Fr. Richard Lewandowski one of the planners of the Catholic Charities "Companions"

The other planners and participants :

Fr. Phillip Earley, St Thomas ,Wilmington,MA.  Member Board of Catholic Charities

Paul Merullo ,Pastoral Asst  St Thomas, Wilmington ,MA.  [ later convicted of sexual assault against a Woburn teen and served 2 1/2 years sentence),

Fr. John J. White (co-owner of gay bed and breakfast, in CA. ,with Fr. Paul Shanley ),

Fr. Walter Cuenin, OLHC ,Newton , MA.

Fr. Robert Congdon instructor at St. John Seminary ,Boston, MA.

Charles Connors  pres. of Boston PFLAG in 1999),

Pat Dunn (Catholic Charities Social Worker)

Vivian Soper (Catholic Charities Social Worker) and

Jean Proia ,leader of Catholic Parents Network/New Ways Ministry at Immaculate Conception parish, Stoughton, MA.(Fr. John J. White often helped her in her "ministry").


Anti-Catholic positions in the name of Catholicism? Deal Hudson

I find it interesting that in Boston -- the hotbed of a scandal in the Church that involves crimes mainly perpetrated by homosexuals -- Catholic priests would present a solution to the problem by further endorsing homosexuality! Fr Keenanıs peculiar views supporting same-sex marriage.


The scandal has opened the door for VOTF to promote an agenda of structural change

Catholics meet to map change 4 October 03  from The Cincinnati Enquirer

Topics could include everything from women in the priesthood to married priests to new rules that would allow parishioners to choose their own pastors.


What is VOTF Œs anti-catholic agenda ?

'Time to take back church' 5 Oct 03 from The Cincinnati Enquirer

"We are witness to the unraveling of the last feudal system in the west," Fr Donald Cozzins


Anti-Catholic agenda of Voice of the Faithful refused by Archdiocese of N.Y.

Voice of the Faithful is muted by archdiocese  From DON SINGLETON  5 Oct 03

Voice of the Faithful with a case of laryngitis

Fordham, though, does not want to be too closely associated with Voice of the Faithful.


VOTF  gives the appearance of legitimacy in its work of fraud and plagarism of the mantle of authority that they dress themselves in.   Alice Slattery

Letting Their Voice Be Heard By Rita Ciolli 28 Sep 03  Newsday

McBrien said the time has come to discuss the ordination of women and allowing priests to marry


Structural Change Agenda Infects Milwaukee   Journal Sentinel 19 Sep 03

Milwaukee priests vote to be independent of Catholic hierarchy


Russert , ³structural change² and the heresy of Americanism

Changing the church: Catholic leaders urged to embrace greater equality  ROSS The Patriot Ledger

ŒŒI want (church policy) to be my decision and your decision, not just the pope saying what we want to do.''


Is VOTFıs Agenda Still ³Ultimately, Anti-Catholic?² By Fred Martinez

³On the papal teaching office, Father Orsy renews his plea (made in several other places) that Catholics should be free to dissent from definitive teaching.²



The Big Day CRISIS Magazine  8 September  03

Deal Hudson is on his  way to the meeting with the bishops.

Faithful Voice is humbled to be among the invited.




A  list of candidates for Cardinal for the *American* Church, reflecting the agenda of structural change proposed by Voice of Faithful.


Three more charities refuse structural change agenda and money of Voice of the faithful

Church group wants Bridgeport  By AMRITA DHINDSA  The Fairfield Hour

Š a schism within the church where people would refuse to be in communion with the Bishop of Rome.


With updated comments from Carol McKinley and Alice Slattery  4 SEP 03

Voice of the Faithful misleads the laity  By DAVID A. ZIZIK  29 AUG 03

Š. Voice of the Faithful has squandered a unique opportunity to unite all Catholics -- hierarchy, laity, men and women in religious life, and priests -- and has traveled a path that will only further divide the Church.


Agenda Information about Voice of the Faithful - VOTF

Voice of the Faithful: Seeking changes in the Church  Cin. Enquirer ,Aug 17, 03

We are bringing the power of the Internet to bear on the Church.

The Internet is a great equalizer agent against a hierarchy.

We want a hybrid Church with Congress-like structures


The following is from the website of The Archdiocese of Boston

Response to James Postıs op-ed piece ³OıMalley needs to make peace,²

July 22, 2003

This section contains responses to various media misrepresentations or misconceptions.


Some Attending Voice of the Faithful Meetings Find They Have No Voice

National Catholic Register July 27-Aug. 9, 2003 by GREG BYRNES

Some Catholics attempting to bring traditional Church teaching to discussions at chapter

meetings find themselves marginalized and in some cases subjected to old-fashioned political hardball.


Conversation updated 1 August 03

In response to the Vatican's recent statement on homosexual marriage:

Voice of the Faithful takes no position ?   Alice Slattery 29 July 03

Now that the Pope is also asking all Catholics to  actively support the Church teaching on marriage, their negative response has even more serious implications regarding their belief in the teaching of the Catholic Church on marriage.



 Top heavy with priests promoting the gay agenda and former friends of Shanley.

Some from among The Boston 58.

Freely using Church facilities to spread their message.

It's not easy to find Catholics who want "structural change" in the Church, who are not promoting: women ordination and sexual liberation.


VOTF agenda in Hartford ,CT   by Paul Norton, Hartford,CT, Knights of Columbus Member

Š³the Church has to become less Roman and more Catholic² Fr.Cesaro


Bishop-elect Coleman of Fall River:  10 July 03

has instructed all pastors to ban meetings of VOTF on Church property until further notice.

Parish bulletins are not to include VOTF PV notices, and there is to be no formal contact with our organization."


Lucifer, The First Liberal By ARTHUR M. HIPPLER , Wanderer .March 03

Š the principles of liberalism mirror the Devilıs original revolt.


CHILDREN HAVE YOU CAUGHT ANYTHING ?     editorial by the Maid

³Children have you caught anything?²   asks, our Lord to the Fisherman.

How would we respond to Our Lord today, if we were asked the question?


The "Boston 58"


Fullness of the Priesthood 

     Our prayers and best wishes are with Bishop Richard Lennon as he undertakes the awesome task before him.

     The fullness of the priesthood resides in the bishop.  The bishop's priests are an extension of his priesthood.  It is not sufficient that a Bishop be in union with the successor of Saint Peter.  All the priests under the Bishop must be in complete union with the Holy Father.  If any

priest is preaching or promoting doctrinal or moral teachings in opposition to the Catholic Faith, it is the bishop who is accountable.

   If the clergy and laity of the diocese sincerely wish to join with their bishop in rebuilding the local church, they will begin by a complete and humble acceptance of  the teachings of our Faith.


Questions for The Priests™ Forum

Shanley's friends, no doubt, did not know the evil he was doing to children,

but they surely must have known his ideas and thinking; after all, he gave lectures around the country, causing scandal among devout Catholics who reported his ideas to Church authorities in Boston.

Why are Shanley's friends and the Boston Priests' Forum now trying to tell us how the Church should be changed?

Shouldn't they, like the rest of us, be turning to the Holy Father with a new commitment of fidelity to Church teaching?



Priests™ Forum first advisor   By James Likoudis


St Eulalia ,Winchester  on 7OCT 02

She was booooooooed into submission by the VOTF members

The Hierarchy of VOTF-Winchester stood by


Critique of a VOTF meeting 23 SEP 02  The


The Rise fo Voice of the Faithful

The Globe has gathered all its puff pieces regarding VOTF and placed them on this link.


Two Events in Boston:  VOTF and Faithful Voice

Lets all take one deep breath and blow some smoke of Satan out of the Sanctuary.

                            By Carol McKinley  &   Reprinted from TCRNEWS.COM


Trajectory to schism. C. Joseph Doyle VOTF would impose an American-style consti­tution on the Church in which the laity would share executive, judicial, and legislative power with the Pope and the hierarchy.


A VOTF Proposal for the Selection of Bishops

A true leader calls forth the gifts and best efforts of those whom he/she serves.


IT ALL BEGINS WITH DISSENT  Dr. Peter W. Frey     2/4/03

Catholics who are faithful to the Magisterium  easily see through the VOTF scam.

Watch with vigilance the future actions of  the "Boston 58" .


Myths about Cardinal Law's resignation

the chief factor in Cardinal Law™s resignation was...Cardinal Law, George Weigel  29 Jan03


VOICE OF THE FAITHFUL -- Seacoast Affiliate:

Voice of the Faithful (VOTF)  Seacoast Affiliate on Thurs., Feb. 13, 7pm, Holy

Family Parish, Lower Hall. Mary Jo Bane of Parish Leadership Forum will speak


What is the Centrist Philosophy of Voice on Choice ?

.. abortion, euthanasia and gay marriage must be opposed by Catholics in public life.



Subreption at best, and Opportunism at worst.

                                                                     Geoffrey K. Mondello, Ph.D , 24  Nov 02

Every bishop therefore is divested of all authority, moral and ecclesiastical, and effectively becomes a "titular" bishop. This seems to be the vision of the emerging "American Catholic Church", once it sheds its skin as the VOTF.



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