Winchester Area VOTF is going broke.


A  review of VOTF Winchester¹s financial status as of 10/31/03

Winchester Area VOTF says ³ Cash, of course, is always an option ³


Dear Winchester Area VOTF Member,




Set forth below (in full text and attachment) are: 1) a letter from our treasurer, Anna-Marie Ferraro, regarding our financial status.  While we have received a few generous gifts since this letter was written in November and distributed at meetings, our financial situation has improved only slightly since then; and 2) a document summarizing our activities in 2003.  Your continued support will help to ensure that 2004 is another successful year for the Winchester Area VOTF.


Best wishes of the holiday season.


Bob Morris


Dear Winchester Area VOTF Member:


A review of our financial status as of 10/31/03 reveals that in the current year, our expenses have exceeded our income, a situation that cannot be sustained for long.



Recap for the period 1/1/03 through 10/31/03:

(Exclusive of Christmas Card Project and Donations to St. Eulalia¹s)






General Donations                  $2317


SNAP Donations                       1654


Total                                          3971




Honoraria                                700


Printing                                      1883


Telephone                                  250


Pot Luck, Coffee House             99


SNAP Contributions                  1754


Total                                          4686




Deficit                                         -715


Balance on hand 1/1/03             1196


Net balance on hand 10/31/03     481




At this time, any contributions you can make to help sustain our operations  would be most welcome.  Checks should be made payable to Winchester Area Voice of the Faithful and may be left in our donation basket at any meeting, or mailed to 50 Ridge St.


Winchester, MA 01890.  Cash, of course, is always an option, to be left in the basket.


We appreciate your continuing support and commitment to VOTF.



Winchester Area VOTF


Anna-Marie Ferraro, Treasurer


Winchester Area Voice of the Faithful


Comments will be forwarded to Bob Morris

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2003 in Review VOTF Winchester , MA.

Supporting Survivors of Abuse


·Hosted talk by survivors Phil Saviano & Carol Xenos (January)


·Sponsored coffeehouse fundraiser for survivors (over $1400 raised) (May)


·Hosted first Boston-area appearance of Mary Gail Frawley O¹Dea (addressed U.S. Conference of Bishops in Dallas on sexual abuse, June 2002) (April)


·Sponsored VOTF Christmas card fundraiser for survivors, with cards designed by members


·Hosted talk by Lighthouse founder Phil d¹Alberquerque (August)


·Round-table discussions with survivors Dale Walsh, Steve Lynch, Jean Crotty & Kathy Dwyer (November)


·Hosted talk by Penny Kirk (parent of survivor) (September)


·Hosted talk on Archdiocesan Virtus program (November)


Supporting Priests of Integrity


·Issued results of survey of 30 Boston-area priests (February)


·Hosted evening regarding re-instatement of Fr. Ronald Bourgeault, St. Zepheryn¹s in Wayland (August)


·Sponsored two pot-luck suppers for area priests and VOTF members (April & November)


·Hosted appearance of four leaders of Boston Priests¹ Forum (Frs. Bullock, McGinty, Mahoney, Fleming) (October)


·Hosted appearance of Fr. Tom Nestor on seminary training of priests (February)


·Hosted talk by Fr. Walter Cuenin of Our Lady¹s, Newton (April)


·Hosted talk by Fr. David O¹Leary on forthcoming book on Boston-area priests (August)



Supporting Structural Change in Church


·Joint meeting with members of St. Eulalia¹s Parish Council (June)


·Sponsored meeting of leaders of Boston-area Parish Voice groups (May)


·Hosted talks by leading theologians (Fr. James Keenan, Patricia deLeeuw, Professor David O¹Brien, Fr. Ed Vacek, Fr. John Baldovan, Professor Stephen Pope, Fr. John O¹Malley)


 ·Evening on changes in sisterhood presented by Srs. Betsy Conway & Dorothea Masuret



While Being Attentive to the Spirit


·Prayer service for Archbishop-designate O¹Malley (July)


·Lenten evening of reflection with Fr. John Sassani (March)


·Recitation of Rosary in honor of Feast of Mary (October)


·Evening of reflection by members (March)




·Subject of feature article, Boston Globe Northwest Section, May 8, 2003



·Donated $2800 to St. Eulalia¹s in recognition of its support on occasion of first anniversary (May)