VOTF wants to foist divisive, heterodox opinions Editor Faithful Voice

The remedy? Speak out! Agitate! Do not let evil pass unchallenged. Do not

allow perversity to pass as doctrine.



Date      Tue, 21 Oct 2003 23:19:23 EDT

From     George NY


Subject  THANK YOU


I'm 53 years old. 


I have lived too long when I see what is happening to the Church.  I am saddened by the millions of lives and souls being destroyed by the workings of a satanic horde of renegade priests and ex-nuns; sexual deviants; psychologists/sociologists; and apostate theology professors all out to destroy the Church. 


I saw your excellent posts in the Faithful Voice site.  The site should have a facility to help organize local parish groups and how to join a national organization. 


Is there a site that lists apostate/heretical "Catholic" university prof's, ex-priests, women ordination fanatics, VOTF members, etc.?  That would be a valuable resource. 


I grew up in West Islip, Our Lady of Victory. parish. 


We are blessed.  With Chaminade HS I have seen nothing wrong with the Marianists there. 


But, until recently I was unaware of the damage being done to the Church.   


Last week, Newsday printed a letter  * I wrote concerning the apostates and heretics camouflaged and infiltrating voice of the faithful.  As if faithful Catholics are bad people!  They are not my voice.  But, they get big publicity in the pro-abortion, pro-gay media.     


* Editor’s note : George’s letter is at the bottom of this page


A case in point:  I have worked for over 26 years in banking.  A few years ago, a mid level  exec announced his retirement to a group of us in the DC HQ.  He told us he would spend his retirement bringing the Church out of the Middle Ages (I didn't like that).  I later learned he was national president of Dignity. 


I did not care about what he did at night. 


I will not stand still while the Church and its moral teachings are perverted. 


We are confronted with palpable evil. 


We need people like you to step up and confront the "hostile take over" of our Church.  Faithful Catholics need to organize, communicate and struggle to save the Church. 




George  NY



Date      Thu, 23 Oct 2003 22:55:40 EDT

From     George NY

Subject  Re: The remedy? Speak out! Agitate!


Let me know how I can help. 


This is how our Chrsitian Brothers at Manhattan College, NY, NY (1968 to 1972) ended our classroom prayers:


"Live, Jesus, in our hearts, forever!"   


The folowing letter to the Newsday editor was printed about a week and a half ago.  I think they edited out the part about the pro-abortion media. 


George NY


**     There are about 1,499,000 Catholics on LI who do not attend meetings of the (self-anointed) Voice of the Faithful (VF).  There were no debates, primaries, or elections of these elitists who, in truth, want to usurp Pope John Paul's authority.  Apparently, these arrogant people believe they are better qualified to lead our Church.  So, who needs elections?   


     VF uses marxist propaganda methods to subvert the Church.  They repeatedly whip us with the "scourge" of the crisis in the Church to foment indignation against Church teachings.  Through insinuation and analogy they try to convince the uninformed of the rectitude of their prejudices.  For nearly two years, VF and pro-abortion media have used exaggeration, repetition, omission, and outright lies to foment and sustain scandal against the Church.  In their dishonesty, they blame the Church when, in truth, the crisis is the result of outrageous sins against the Church's teachings. 

VOTF wants to foist divisive, heterodox opinions on us Catholics. 

Many of us do not accept it.  **  George , NY



The letters from George prompted the following response :


Date      Thu, 23 Oct 2003 19:02:40 -0400 (EDT)

To         George NY

Subject  The remedy? Speak out! Agitate!


Dear George


Many, many, thanks for your words of encouragement. It is not the case

that *some* of what you say in your letter is true; regrettably, *everything*

you have said is true. You have put it succintly and well. It is also the case

that you have not lived too long (we are the same age), but that you have

not lived long enough, not long enough to help rectify this--- not just

lamentable--- but deeply evil current that has wrought inestimable

damage in terms beyond our comprehension.


The good news and the bad news: The good news, George, is that you

are not alone ... in fact, that you are *not* a minority by any measure. The

bad news, that most truly faithful Catholics, faithful to the Magisterium of

the Church, faithful to Deposit of Faith, faithful to the Holy Father, have

remained shamefully silent in the face of this enormity (most often in the

mistaken belief that *they* are a *minority* simply because the vociferous

few who *do* speak up are the the very ones bent on destroying Holy

Mother Church ... and rebuilding it in their own perverse likeness.


The remedy? Speak out! Agitate! Do not let evil pass unchallenged. Do not

allow perversity to pass as doctrine. And your reward, George, for this

magnificent and holy defiance?:


You will be hated.


"Si mundus vos odit, scitote quia me priorem vobis odio habuit." ---

"If the world hates you, know that it hated me before you."


Those are Christ's own words. This is His promise. The question, really,

is this: are you, are we, willing to suffer the sting of the world's hatred for


Christ, for the sake of Christ? Are we willing to go against this evil current

... or shall we just go with it (which is much easier)? Shall we allow them

to tear down the walls of Jerusalem  and build a Tower of Babel ... or

should we sally out, meet them head on, and protect, preserve, the

patrimony of our fathers purchased through the blood of the martyrs?


For my part? I will open the gates of Holy Mother Church --- not to let evil in, but

to allow it to leach out ... and meet head on those who would pull Her

walls down. In the end, George, if the very gates of Hell will not prevail

against her, neither will the perverse invective and hatred of men ... and

women ... who wither under the light of Truth and would call down lasting

shadows upon us. By your Confirmation you became a Soldier of Christ.

The time for Summer-soldiering has passed ...


It is *our* turn to be heard, and speak we will ... and we will be heard. We

are many but our voices must be one. Even as we are one with Christ.


Most Sincerely in Christ




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