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  While working to "Change the structure of the Church", VOTF has been working on its own hierarchy, which includes 10 "permanent trustees", who one might call VOTF’s cardinals  Apparently the rank and file laity of the group do not elect these permanent trustees and, in fact have no say at all as to who they are.

  Paul Baier, a founder of VOTF, one of its permanent trustees and the group's web master, also has a side job.  Mr. Baier runs another web site that lists all the names of the priests accused of sexual abuse. SurvivorsFirst is based in Boston, and works with all the national groups: SNAP, Linkup, VOTF, CTA, etc. [ from Paul Baier’s first newsletter 25 Nov 02 ] 

The worldwide internet also has a web site with the names of abortionists.


  During the Monday evening meeting , 18 Nov 2002 at VOTF-Winchester the 53 members  [ 4 under age 50 - 7 men ] were given a few “teachings .

And the the “gripe” session began. As always we were asked to respect others opinions.

There was dissent , this evening.

We have seen opposition booooed into submission in the past but

the dissent came from within those gathered at St. Eulalia , Winchester.

 The first handout was a “Membership Chart”, explaining that only those who complete the questionnaire will be considered “participating “ members.

[ VOTF  is trying ,through this process , figure out their real base of support].

At the bottom of the chart was the word TRUSTEES.

The question was asked timidly from the floor,

“Who are the trustees ?”.

The question was met with silence and surprised look by the moderator.

Then from the rear of the hall came the response.

 “ It really doesn’t matter who the trustees are “!

When pressed by a few the names of only four of the ten were given.

Mueller . Post , Baier, and Troy.

  The other 6 names could not be “recalled”,and it “doesn’t matter much anyways” said Ms Aleo.

  The purpose for the “Trustees “ is to figure out how to get VOTF  a tax status that will make them a “charitable “ orginization .

It seems that “charitable” donations are causing them some aingst !


The second source of controversy was the presentation of a “working paper”. This paper  will establish The Beliefs of VOTF .

Belief #4,  “We believe what the Catholic Church believes.”

It was most troubling to the membership.

It was suggested that as an organization the statement should be accepted.

But as individuals they could believe as they wish.

Comments follow:

1. “I want to go back to the translation of “ “ Credo”  to “I believe” because

 “I know what I believe  but I do not know what those on my left and right on Sunday believe”

2. “This #4 needs some serious rework” It seems that we are just speaking in P C terms just to tickle the ears of the Chancery”

3. “ I believe what the Church believes except for the things that I disagree with”

4. “This has been contrived to please other’s ears”


One impressive change came to the floor.

The Rosary will now be prayed before The Blessed Sacrament preceeding future working meetings.

It is the hope of FaithfulVoice that future meetings in the upper Church will be moved to the lower meeting room.

The Blessed Sacrament is always present during “ speakers” presentations.


There was one woman praying at the Tabernacle the entire meeting

She was not a VOTFer.




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