VOTF and its anti-Catholic/Modernist agenda , exposed.

VOTF Sneaking back into Keene NH?

"Catholic Faith Formation Center " is an instrument for promoting dissent.


Date      Sun, 30 Nov 2003 10:01:39 -0800 (PST)

From     Marie

Subject  VOTF Sneaking back into Keene NH?



Dear FaithfulVoice:



It would seem that "Voice of the Faithful" is making

an attempt to return to Keene, New Hampshire or that

it simply went underground during the past 14 months.


The "Catholic Faith Formation Center," a highly

questionable entity run by Sister Joan Mary McDermott

- the same dissident religious who was selling VOTF

last year along with the confused cleric Rev. Gerard                                                                       

Bertin - is now planning a "Women's Prayer Breakfast"

in which the guest speaker is none other than Sister

Rosemary Crowley.


Sister Crowley, a friend and supporter of VOTF, will

be telling the women present "about ways in which

women from the Bible have influenced her journey."

(Source: St. Bernard's Parish bulletin, Nov 30th

edition).  And this isn't the first time that St.

Bernard's Parish has promoted dissent and or a

dissident speaker.  Recall that the parish was

promoting VOTF in its bulletin until Mr. Melanson led

a campaign in the area to expose VOTF and its

anti-Catholic/Modernist agenda.


Anyone who doubts that Sister Rosemary Crowley is

connected with VOTF has only to go to this link:



There one may read that they (VOTF) "..genuinely

appreciate having Sister Rosemary Crowley as a liaison

to facilitate communication, and have always welcomed

her at our meetings."


I would urge all Monadnock area Catholics who oppose

dissent from Church teaching to boycott the Capital

Improvement Program at St. Bernard's Parish in Keene

and to instead send their donations to Rome or to a

clean Religious Order or organization.


It is becoming increasingly clear that St. Bernard's

Parish intends to enable Sister Joan McDermott to

continue to use her "Catholic Faith Formation Center"

as an instrument for promoting dissent and or



Use your checkbook to protest this arrogance.


In the Lord Jesus,


Comments  Marie@FaithfulVoice.com


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