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Subreption at best, and Opportunism at worst.

                                                                       Geoffrey K. Mondello, Ph.D 24  Nov 02

Every bishop therefore is divested of all authority, moral and ecclesiastical, and effectively becomes a "titular" bishop. This seems to be the vision of the emerging "American Catholic Church", once it sheds its skin as the VOTF.


   Even a cursory examination of the "Voice of the Faithful's" website is extremely disconcerting. There are deep and extremely oblique agenda subtending their benign presentation. Enough of the right words are used, words immediately consonant with Catholic conscience, and invite a reflexive response of assent to the casual reader who is likely to seize upon highly emotionally charged issues --- that are given great prominence --- at the cost of a more subtle agendum involving the "mere mechanics" of the institutional Church ... which the VOTF clearly wishes to arrogate to itself. It appears to me that an occasion has arisen sufficiently broad in nature and deep in emotion that the VOTF has seized upon to its own ends, ends that anteceded the sad events that have come to light in the Archdiocese of Boston within the past year. It is, in a word, subreption at best, and opportunism at worst. It appears to me to be both. The presentation is very sophisticated and sufficiently nuanced to allow VOTF:


*        the latitude of unequivocally stating positions of great magnitude which resonate with Catholics conscience at large. This is clearly, and shamefully, the bait. 

*        equivocating upon, demurring or simply refraining from, declarations of positions on other issues of equal magnitude and much broader in scope ("human sexuality" --- and every issue upon which it is presumably tangent, from abortion to homosexuality", "women's rights", "democratic process" --- even science and history --- issues with which it is clearly and overtly interested according to their own declaration of purpose on their web site, !) Equivocation through lack of perspicacity is pardonable. Malicious equivocation is not. It is malicious because it is opportunistic in the most painful of situations, seizing upon the suffering of many as the instrument to promoting an agendum that is infrastructural in nature, presuming to shift the locus of "power" from the hierarchical Church to the "democratic masses" ... embodied, they incorrectly presume, in VOTF.

·               to be called "faithful Catholics" in complete accord with the mind of Holy Mother Church --- even (depsite their subreptive protestations to the contrary) as they attempt to dismantle it and usher in yet "another" reformation, in Capite, sed non in membris, resulting in yet "another" "church" which, unlike its Roman counterpart of 2000 years, is indefeasibly democratic in nature and instantiating, in their own words, "Our right to exist. Our right to be heard. Our right to free speech as American Catholics" (ibid.). In other words, apparently, an "American Catholic Church" as opposed to the "Roman Catholic Church".


    VOTF's insistence that "The laity must continually review and monitor the performance of the bishops" with a "Bishop Monitoring System" (voltage not specified). It is, in effect, a transvaluation of authority and accountability from the bishops to the enlightened masses whose BMS will apparently rate a bishop in terms of his compliance with the agenda of the VOTF. Every bishop therefore is divested of all authority, moral and ecclesiastical, and effectively becomes a "titular" bishop. This seems to be the vision of the emerging "American Catholic Church", once it sheds its skin as the VOTF.


    It is important to understand that this church is determined to metamorphose from a coalescence of parish "cells" (rather reminiscent of another and more secular revolution much farther east of Boston) or "chapters" as they are referred to, which VOTF is adamant in bringing to each and every parish in every diocese.(ibid) From these cells, or "chapters", in its own words, "...members will become Voice of the Faithful emissaries for future development. Their efforts will help Voice to evolve from a "virtual" organization to a permanent, influential entity." (ibid.) Chilling stuff! . The stuff of schism. The odor of intoxicating power. The acrimonious smell of sulphur. This sheep smells like a wolf. I dare say its had its sad historical antecedents ..."Sub sole nihil novi est" ... there is nothing new under the sun, thus saith the Preacher, Ecclesiates. Israel had her false prophets. We have ours. As to the suppressed, the latent, and ultimately the real agenda espoused by VOTF, truly faithful Catholics will, I believe, hear the voice of the True Shepherd, and distinguishing him from the hireling, recoil from the wolf.


    "Vox fidei?" Not my voice. And probably not yours. Voice of the Faithful is ultimately, and deeply "Vox contra fide"



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Date:          Mon Nov 25 08:18:45 2002

To:     <>

Subject:      BRAVO!!!!

  God Love you and please, the grace to aways remain with Him.

This is a beautiful analysis of the goals of votf.

  They are the voice of dissent and the voice of spiritual malpractice. The leadlers of this group will be and are responsible  for souls losing their discipleship.

  Yes, they do want power indeed which is leading them into schism, if in acutallity they are not already in schism as is the so-called American Church.