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Response to James Post’s op-ed piece “O’Malley needs to make peace,”

July 22, 2003 -  in the Boston Globe

This section contains responses to various media misrepresentations or misconceptions.



Mr. Post correctly states that one of the reasons Cardinal Law was unable to accept money from the Voice of Compassion fund was that the conditions placed on the donation interfered with the traditional relationship between the bishop and his people. He, however, incorrectly states that in doing so, “Law tried to define the laity as the problem.”


Response: It is clear from the earlier sentence that Cardinal Law’s reason for not accepting the money was not to “define the laity as the problem” but to avoid separating the work of the bishop from the work of the faithful. In addition, even if this were the case, Mr. Post, once again, makes the mistake of equating the membership of Voice of the Faithful with “the laity.” VOTF is a group of laity within the Archdiocese. VOTF does not represent the laity nor does it speak for the laity but only some members of the faithful.


Among Mr. Post’s steps for healing the Archdiocese is to “... be transparent. Sunlight is essential to rebuilding trust in a failed institution. Open the books, publish the audits, ...”


Response: Maybe Mr. Post missed it, but we’ve done just this. The books and the audits are on the Archdiocesan website and were published in The Pilot


Letters to the editor at The Pilot:


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