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Dear Faithful Voice:    2 FEB 03


I have spoken to you before about VOTF meetings taking place in Amesbury, MA.

Today I found THIS in the parish newsletter:


VOICE OF THE FAITHFUL -- Seacoast Affiliate:

Voice of the Faithful (VOTF)  Seacoast Affiliate on Thurs., Feb. 13, 7pm, Holy

Family Parish, Lower Hall. Mary Jo Bane will speak



Future Directions continues as the focus during

the next meeting of Voice of the Faithful (VOTF)

Seacoast Affiliate on Thurs., Feb. 13, 7pm, Holy

Family Parish, Lower Hall. Mary Jo Bane will speak

in a video about the challenges encountered as an

empowered laity tries to work with the clergy to

renew the Catholic Church.  Mary Jo Bane is a

professor at Harvard's Kennedy School of

Government, and is a member of the advisory board

of Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

at Boston College.  She is currently doing research

on the role of churches in poverty and welfare

issues.  If you have questions or need more

information, call Mary 465-2904.  Or visit Voice of the

Faithful at  VOTF invites all to join us on

Feb. 13 for Mary Jo Bane's thought-provoking talk

and a lively discussion.


I imagine the meeting will take place in the Sacred Heart Church (if not here, then the  Saint Joseph Church in close proximity, although I am pretty sure it will occur at Sacred Heart -- both churches are part of Holy Family).


Feel free to publicize any and all information in this email if you see fit -- my anonymity is also not a concern.  I intend to be present at this meeting, to ask   "thought-provoking" questions exposing VOTF, and also to bring my digital camera.  If you would like to send any representatives from Faithful Voice on Thursday the 13th, that would also be a good idea.  I will contact His Excellency Bishop Allue about this illegal meeting


In Christo Domino Nostro,

Corey Vincent


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Date:     Mon Feb 3 11:11:34 2003

Subject:             Re: HOLY FAIMILY PARISH, AMESBURY MA - VOTF Meeting (unauthorized...?)

  This is incredible! I read Mary Jo Bane's "Autobiography" in Commonweal. She acknowledges that she took the same position on abortion financing that Gov. Cuomo took when she worked under him in N.Y.. Will any bishop confront her on this? Hiding behind "structure" so that she and other VOTF leaders don't have to acknowledge their former public positions on abortion, marriage, contraception, etc. , and getting away with it is a scandal!! 

   Why doesn't Bp. Lennon confront them with their dissident positions on Church teachings?

   We, as parishioners, are being totally deceived!  Thanks for the information!! ----Alice